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PAG 30 Workshop List

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Workshops that are new for PAG 30 are in bold.

A moderated discussion on the missing components in genomics: Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion
Abiotic Stress
Advanced Computational Methods – Machine Learning, Containers, and Clouds
Alfalfa Genomics
Allele Mining
Analysis of Complex Genomes
Animal Epigenetics
Animal Genomics and Adaptation to Climate Change
Application of Genetics and Genomics for Large-scale Breeding Programs
Application of New Genomic Tools and Techniques in Arthropods
Arabidopsis Informatics
Arthropod Genomics and Genome Engineering
Avian Genomics - Going Wild!
Banana Genomics
BER Plant Genomic Science
Beyond Drosophila: Genomic Advances in Non-Model Diptera
Big Data: Manage Your Data Before Your Data Kills You
Bioactive, Nutraceutical and Therapeutic Molecules in Plants
Bioenergy Grass Biology: Genomes, Microbiomes, Traits and Applications
Brachypodium Genomics
BreedBase and SGN: Genomics and Breeder Data Management and Analyses Tools
Breeding for Changing Weather Conditions
Buffalo Genomics
Cacao Genomics Workshop
Cannabis Genomics I - Chemical and Agronomic Traits
Cannabis Genomics II - Origins and Pangenomics
CartograPlant Workshop: Hands-On Training With an Analysis Framework Integrating Genotype, Phenotype, and Environmental Data
Cassava Genomics
Cattle/Sheep/Goat 1
Cattle/Sheep/Goat 2
Citrus Genome
Climate Change and ICRCGC 1
Climate Change and ICRCGC 2
Climate Change and ICRCGC 3
Coffee Genomics
Comparative Genomics
Components of Apomixis
Computational Gene Discovery
Connecting Crop Phenotype and Genotype Data
Cool Season Legumes
Crop Evolution Genomics & Future Agricultural Productivity
Crop Genomics for Global Food Security
CSSA: Translational Genomics
Cucurbit Genomics
Data Resource Sustainability and Funding
Database Resources for Crop Genomics, Genetics and Breeding: NRSP10
Degraded DNA and Paleogenomics
Development and Application of Genome Engineering and Transgenic Technology to the Agriculture
DivSeek International Network - Information Flows to Harness Plant Genetic Diversity
Domestication Genomics
Duckweed Research and Applications
EASEL for Genome Annotation of Complex Eukaryotes: A hands-on Training Session
Engineering NUE
Equine 1
Equine 2
Exploring Phytobiomes
Extremophile Genomes
Farm Animal Genome Editing
Feline and Canine Genomics Workshop
Flavor, Nutrition, and Post-Harvest Genomics
Flax Genomics
Forage, Feedstocks & Turf
Forest Tree
Functional Annotations of Animal Genomes (FAANG)
Functional Genomics
Fungal Genomics
Galaxy for NGS Data Analysis: A Hands-on Workshop
Gene Introgression
Gene Mapping by Segregation
Genetic Architecture in Arthropods from Insecticide Exposure
Genetics and Genomics of Plant Filamentous Pathogen Effectors
Genome Annotation Resources at the EBI
Genome Biodesign in Plants and Animals
Genome Editing for Food Security and Environmental Sustainability (GEFSES)
Genome to Phenome: Next Generation Sensors for Sensing Plants and Environment
Genomic Advances in Fruit and Vegetable Breeding
Genomic Efforts by Indigenous and Local Communities to C.A.R.E., Conserve, and Catalog Global Biodiversity
Genomic Selection and Genome-Wide Association Studies
Genomic Technologies are needed for the intractable problems of African Crop Production
Genomics & Biodiversity
Genomics Assisted Breeding in Hybrid Crops for Global Food Security
Genomics of Animal Health
Genomics of Clonal, Root and Tuber Crop Wild Relatives
Genomics of Crop Ecosystem Services
Genomics of Genebanks
Genomics of Non-Classical Model Animals
Genomics of Plant Development
Genomics of Seed Quality Traits in Legumes
Genomics of Tissue Regeneration in Plants and Animals
Genomics-Assisted Breeding
Gramene: Unifying Comparative Genomics and Pathway Resources for Plant Communities
Grape Genome Initiative
Grasslands (Lolium Genome Initiative)
Hands-on Demo of Containerized Workflows and a Data Repository to Support Efficient, Standardized, Interoperable Genomic Analysis: An Equine Example
Honeybee Genomics
Hop Breeding and Genomics
Hybridization, Heterosis and Balancing Selection
Integration of Functional Genomics Data in Genetic and Genomic Research
International Cotton Genome Initiative (ICGI)
International Phytomedomics and Nutriomics Consortium (ICPN) 1
International Phytomedomics and Nutriomics Consortium (ICPN) 2
International Sheep Genomics Consortium
International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC)
IRIC: Rice Informatics for the Global Community

IWGSC – From Structural to Functional Wheat Genomics
JBrowse, JBrowse 2 and Apollo
KBase for Plant Science
Lab-to-Market for Bioengrepreneurs
Landscape Trees and Shrubs
Lessons Learned When Integrating New Technologies into Breeding
Leveraging Advances in Multi-Omics Technologies for Resilient Agri-Food Systems in Africa
Leveraging Low Coverage Whole Genome Sequencing for Crop Improvement
Linkage and Deletion Mapping
Mammalian Comparative Genomics
Meiotic Recombination
Methods and Software to Support Integrative Research and Decision Making in Plant Breeding
Microbiome and Plant Health
Navigating the U.S. Regulatory System for Products of Biotechnology
NCBI Genome Resources
New Approaches for Developing Disease Resistance in Cereals
Next Generation Genome Annotation and Analysis
Non-coding RNA

Non-Seed Plants
Oats, Wild and Cultivated
Palm Genetics and Genomics
Plant Chromosome Biology
Plant Disease Resistance
Plant Epigenetics for Crop Improvement
Plant Gene Expression Analysis
Plant Interactions with Pests and Pathogens
Plant long non-coding RNAs
Plant Molecular Breeding
Plant Mutation Breeding
Plant Reproductive Genomics
Plant Transgene Genetics
Population and Conservation Genomics 1
Population and Conservation Genomics 2
Potato Genomics
Poultry 1 
Poultry 2
Quinoa and close relatives
Resources and Programs for Undergraduate Education in Genomics
Rice as a Model for Genetics, Genomics and Breeding
Root Genomics
Root Nodule Symbiosis: Genetics, Evolution, and Engineering for Future Crops
Seed Genomics
Sequencing Complex Genomes
Sex Chromosomes and sex determination
Single Cell Genomics
Single Cell Genomics to Unravel the Cellular Circuitries in Plants:  From Basic Understanding to Crop Improvement
Small RNA
Soybean Genomics
Spatially Resolved Transcriptomics in Plant and Animal Species
Statistical Genomics
Strawberry Genomics
Sugar Beet Workshop
Sugar Cane (ICSB)
Sweetpotato Genomics
Systems Biology and Machine Learning
Systems Biology and Ontologies
Systems Biology of the Crop QTLome
Systems Genomics
Teaching Genetics, Genomics, Biotechnology, and Bioinformatics
The African Biogenome Project (AfricaBP) for the Future Biological Diversity Across Africa
The AgBioData Consortium: Challenges and Recommendations for FAIR Genetic, Genomic and Breeding Data
The Analysis and Role of the Microbiome
The Farm Animal Genotype-Tissue Expression (FarmGTEx) Project
The National Plant Genome Initiative: Catalyzing Transdisciplinary Frontiers in Genomics for Breakthroughs, Innovation, and Community Development
The Uniqueness and Commonalities Between Plant, Animal and Soil Microbiomes
Transcriptomics in Deciphering Biological Pathways
Transposable Elements
Tripal Database Network and Initiatives
Triticeae Genetics and Genomics, Session 1: Progress in structural and functional genomics
Triticeae Genetics and Genomics, Session 2: Trait genetics and gene identification
UCSC Genome Browser
US National Animal Genome Research Program (NRSP8)
Vertebrate Genomes Project
Weedy and Invasive Plant Genomics
What Early Career Scientists Need to Know: Developing and Executing Successful Broader Impact Programs for Current and Future Grants
Wildlife Genomics
Yam Genomics



Workshops that are new for PAG 30 are in bold.

The Full PAG 30 Program is online here












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